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US 2024 Presidential Election Negotiations

The US Presidential elections have generally worked quite well, helping to make the US the most powerful nation on earth, where people experience more freedom and prosperity than in most other countries. One problem with the system is that it has resulted in two main political parties (Republicans and Democrats) that tend to be on opposite ends of a political spectrum. Adversarial tactics used by political parties waste tremendous amounts of time, energy, resources, and attention, and the country risks being faced with a choice of only two extreme or divisive candidates. And when the leadership changes, the new leaders often reverse policies established by the former leaders. In the USA, a number of organizations (e.g. No Labels) are trying to change that status quo. Many other countries have their own similar problems.

Elections in the US could be much more effective if they were assisted by a collaboration system such as Smartsettle Infinity that would help the country choose leaders who are committed to the best possible platform for Americans and the world.

Smartsettle Infinity is a state-of-the-art interest-based negotiation system that is designed to convert adversaries into collaborators, by helping adversaries see that they'll get to results that are more satisfying to each of them, than they'd get by remaining adversaries.

Smartsettle Infinity can be applied to any formal negotiation about any number of quantitative or qualitative issues and put any number of decision makers with conflicting objectives in control of a process that helps them reach the best attainable outcome for all of them. Following are some examples of Infinity's application to modeling and simulating negotiation solutions to high-value conflicts at the national and international level.

  • Kashland

    • India, Pakistan, and the World Bank, negotiating an agreement to replace the Indus Waters Treaty; besides water and issues in Kashmir, other issues include response to climate change and reduction in nuclear weapons

  • Negotiating Peace in Ukraine

    • Ukraine and Russia, using Infinity to negotiate an end to the hostilities

  • A Biden-Sanders Coalition

    • Biden and Sanders, agreeing on a platform for the 2016 presidential election

  • BREXIT 2.0

    • The UK, the EU member states and the EU parliament collaborating in resolving seven key BREXIT issues

  • Guns in the US

    • Five negotiating parties across the political spectrum, reaching consensus on new gun policies

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