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Join us in creating a more peaceful, collaborative, and successfully intelligent way to do business

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Smartsettle Resolutions Inc. by iCan Systems Inc. is the world’s most advanced showroom for comprehensive negotiation platforms. Work with the leader in eNegotiation technologies from ONE to Infinity, supporting simple or complex negotiations. Our technology spans legal, governmental, corporate non-governmental, and technological disciplines to produce outcomes that are truly beyond win-win.

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With so many vertical industries impacted by eNegotiation technologies, broaden your knowledge across international markets, and deepen your knowledge in a field where AI is driving change. You can be sure of an exciting and fast-moving environment to grow and strengthen as a leader in your area of innovation.

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Even our entry-level positions are in areas of cutting edge research and development in a growing field. Your experience will contribute to a vibrant community and position you for growth. Why work in an industry saturated with experts when you can join the revolution in negotiation theory and technology, transforming the way future generations do business at every level.

Team work

Team Spirit

Smartsettle Resolutions by iCan Systems Inc. isn’t just a showroom for negotiation technology. It’s also a place for a growing team of innovators, inventors, strategists, analysts, developers, modelers, writers, and forward-thinkers of every kind. By definition, our people are collaborators and team players. Creating technology that brings people together requires that the company behind it exemplify that pattern.

Marketing: Pick your Continent

From South America to Asia and the Middle East you will find advanced legal and political environments with many complex issues. We are looking for representatives that will analyze individual markets and design marketing programs for the region. Rapid growth in technological adoption for problem-solving happening all over the world. You will work with people in your region to promote eNegotiation technologies for everything from multilateral water negotiations to public-private construction partnerships.

DevOps Engineer for Artificial Intelligence: Remote

You’ll be tasked with designing and managing DevOps environments and application lifecycle management (ALM) systems for testing and quality assurance. Required: BA computer science or related fields, or equivalent experience.

Data Science Engineer: Canada

You will work with massive data sets and will work with our software and AI teams to design a data collection and analysis program. You will source appropriate analytic tools and must interact at all levels with engineers, product owners, designers, and company leadership. You will also produce presentations for investors and prospective companies concerning the intersection of Smartsettle Resolutions technology across industry lines. Required: BA Computer or Computational Science (MA or PhD preferred), or equivalent experience.

Machine Learning Software Engineer: Canada

You will develop advanced ML solutions for the unique needs of distributed eNegotiation systems. Required: BA computer science or related fields (statistics, applied mathematics, neuroscience), or equivalent experience.

Legal Intern, Patents: US

Having won the world’s first eNegotiation patent in the 1990s, you will work with a company pioneering collaborative change internationally. You will contribute at every stage of the patent application process, interacting with engineers and designers, researching competing works, and working with lead patent lawyers to file and win new submissions. Required: BA Law (students knowledgeable in IP law welcome to apply), or equivalent experience.

Create your own Position

Let us know what you’re good at and what your passion is. We’ll find a spot for you.



Take your knowledge and expertise to the next level, working on exciting projects with a diverse international clientele.

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