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Image by Luke Chesser
Single Monetary Issue Negotiations. Solved

Smartsettle ONE

Rewarding Collaborative Negotiations by Eliminating Barriers to Agreement

Intelligent algorithms motivate negotiators to behave collaboratively. Savvy negotiators learn that holding back is counter-productive with this clever app. Barriers to settlement such as face-saving problems that lead to impasse are virtually eliminated. Whether negotiating the settlement of a trivial dispute or removing an impasse in a high-value deal, if the negotiation can be represented by a single numerical issue you will want to remove that obstacle with Smartsettle ONE.

Image by Luke Chesser
Smartsettle ONE is the world’s most elegant single-issue, two-party negotiation app. Using proprietary algorithms to incentivize resolution, more parties will achieve success, saving time, money, and headaches.
What It Is
Incentivizing Resolution

Smartsettle ONE is the world’s most elegant and intelligent cloud-based eNegotiation system optimized for simple two-party formal negotiations that can be reduced to a single numerical issue.

Using proprietary algorithms that incentivize resolution, Smartsettle ONE puts parties in control of a process that promotes collaborative behavior to achieve timelier and fairer outcomes. All this leads to higher settlement rates in any dispute resolution process that you can imagine. Be brave – this amazing tool can even unstick high-value deals. It’s fast, friendly and even fun. ...more

Challenge the Status Quo

Plug Smartsettle ONE into your existing process or configure a complete white-labeled system that fits perfectly into your dispute resolution environment.

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