Negotiating Peace in Ukraine

Created on May 14, 2022; References below updated frequently.

Not everyone thinks negotiated peace in Ukraine is possible.

But every day’s delay brings more death and destruction. And it wouldn't need to be this way. The following schematic illustrates the Smartsettle process illustrating a three-party negotiation.

The goal of the process, a comprehensive peace treaty between all the parties, is determined by the Single Negotiating Framework, which in turn may be constructed with the assistance of wise mediators. Smartsettle has modelled a simplified version of the problem for two parties and simulated the final stage of the process depicted above. The results are documented with the following two videos (Watch the simulation from the Ukrainian POV first if you are new to Smartsettle Infinity).

These videos illustrate how the Smartsettle process can harvest and fairly distribute significant hidden value and quickly help collaborative parties overcome obstacles and lead them to an outcome that maximizes the satisfaction of all the parties - in this case, reach a solution leading to peaceful co-existence.

Our hypothetical negotiation model includes sixteen issues. Some were based on what we read in scholarly articles about the negotiations. Others were inspired by the Smartsettle team and friends (including a group of Rotarians). The party preferences were modelled based on assumptions informed by information found on the Internet such as the following (in descending chronological order).

What we are attempting to demonstrate is a process, not a particular outcome. More than half of the items below were added after this post was first created. The landscape is changing daily.