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Opinions: Path to Peace in Ukraine

We've been collecting opinions on the war in Ukraine and possible peace negotiations since the latest invasion started on Feb 24, 2022.

There is a wide range of beliefs as to whose fault this is and what should be done about it. Smartsettle's proposal is here. The references below are listed in chronological order.

Should nuclear diplomacy be part of the negotiations? (see yellow shaded references below) (Check out Youth Fusion Nuclear Stories)

The panelists in the discussion acknowledged that the US, Ukraine, and Russia are currently not interested in a ceasefire because they each believe that they can achieve military victory. However, there is hope for negotiations on specific issues like grain exports and prisoner exchanges. China and Brazil were seen as potential mediators, but the US has not presented a peace plan and rejected China's proposal. It was suggested that individuals or organizations, rather than the UN or countries, could potentially broker a ceasefire after summer offensives. Arbitration was deemed ineffective due to the lack of clarity on what to arbitrate. It was emphasized that Ukraine would need a guarantor after a settlement. This discussion took place before the announcement of the US providing F16s to Ukraine, potentially escalating the conflict with Russia and increasing the risk of nuclear retaliation.

Some light-hearted songs but still serious:


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