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Smartsettle partners with Immediaton

January 14, 2021 – Vancouver, BC

Smartsettle Resolutions Inc., maker of Smartsettle eNegotiation systems, has partnered with Australian legaltech platform, Immediation Pty Ltd, to commercialise and sell Smartsettle ONE in Australia and New Zealand.

Smartsettle ONE produces more timely agreements with a Visual Blind Bidding algorithm that rewards collaboration and eliminates the tedious negotiation dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations.

Immediation, founded by commercial Barrister, Laura Keily and custom-built for the legal industry, enables the virtual resolution of legal disputes and plays a significant role in the provision of affordable, secure and fast access to justice for all. Immediation specialises in virtual courtroom, mediation and negotiation technology.

The agreement with Smartsettle follows a significant year of growth for Immediation, which in 2020 secured arrangements with three of Australia’s top courts (the Federal Court of Australia, the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia), closed a Series A funding round backed by Thorney Investments and acquired the New Zealand-based online dispute resolution company, CODR owned by the former Solicitor General of New Zealand Michael Heron QC, now the Chairman of Immediation New Zealand.

Commenting on the agreement, Laura Keily, Founder and Managing Director of Immediation said:

“As the legal industry globally hastens to adopt technologies like Immediation that reduce the pressure on court and tribunal systems across the globe, our focus remains on making justice and resolutions more accessible for all. The agreement with Smartsettle is the next step forward in investing in our technology and expansion globally. It aims to quicken the path to resolution.”

Smartsettle and Immediation look forward to the benefits that combining their innovative technologies will offer the world of online dispute resolution.


Immediation is a secure, confidential online dispute resolution Platform, providing cutting-edge virtual court-room, mediation and negotiation technology to courts, tribunals, government and law firms. Immediation also provides a low-cost, easy, quick, amicable and efficient method of resolving disputes, where it enables users to directly access online dispute resolution as an alternative to expensive judicial proceedings or traditional mediation and arbitration.

Further details:

Smartsettle Resolutions Inc.

Smartsettle Resolutions Inc. is the creator of Smartsettle products; intelligent eNegotiation systems using patented optimization algorithms to achieve fair and efficient solutions to complex problems.

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