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Smartsettle ONE 234 Trial

TRIAL PERIOD: _______not set yet_______


Smartsettle is debuting a new and improved version of Smartsettle ONE.

The Ministries of Justice in all

are invited to participate.

ONE is designed to help parties reach a timely solution to their negotiation if they can easily reduce it to a single numerical issue (like money). Participants will resolve their case by negotiating directly with the other party. Everyone is welcome.

ONE is easy, fun and quick.

Settle your case at any of these participating sites:






(When the trial starts it will be like this...) Each of these sites is configured a little differently but they will each have a choice of templates associated with the trial like this:

  • General

  • Lump Sum Debt

If you are a party to a simple negotiation about money (or if you represent such a party), you can easily do this completely by yourself. The first 100 cases using the discount code TWIT will be completely free of charge if you are able to complete your case with limited support from the organizers before the trial ends. If you have a mediator or facilitator, your arrangement with them will be independent of this trial.

Take the following steps to reach a resolution with the other party:

1. Practice against the robot

Play against the robot to familiarize yourself with the process. Choose from a selection of canned cases in order to decide which template best suits your own case. You can configure the robot so that your practice will be just like the real thing.

2. Learn even more at the Exhibition. (Optional)

You can have fun learning even more at the International eNegotiation Exhibition, where there is ongoing edutainment. Participate in a tournament and achieve a top score on the live leaderboard to prove that you’ve learned how to collaborate with Smartsettle ONE.

2. Contact the other party and confirm their willingness to participate

It may be better if you talk to the other party before you formally invite them.

3. Formally invite the other party

The other party will have a chance to practice just like you

4. Settle your case

Remember that collaboration is the best strategy

5. In case of impasse choose the END

A resolution is still guaranteed if both parties agree to the Expert Neutral Decider (END).

Management reserves the right to end the trial or extend it at any time.

If you are a mediator or a facilitator, you are welcome to bring your cases to this trial. You will need to first earn your intervenor certificate, which you can do for a fee at the International eNegotiation Exhibition (aka Smartsettle Academy).

Sample Applications

Illustrative Videos

Any money negotiation

Insurance Claim

​Claimant POV (9 min), (3 min), Insurco POV (2 min)

Lump Sum ​Debt Reduction

Debtor POV (5 min)

Lump Sum Debt Reduction

Creditor POV (2 min)

​Debt Restructure

UK Landlord & Tenant

University Student Tenant

Real Estate

There will be a short exit survey. Come back here at the end of the survey if you wish to learn the results of the trial.

Complex high-value case? Try: Smartsettle Infinity.

Don't forget: Collaboration is the best strategy. The video linked here gives advice on how to collaborate in a Smartsettle ONE Tournament. Use the same strategy in your real-life case in order to achieve the best possible outcome.


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