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Smartsettle ONE proves time benefits in Naut’sa mawt ODR Trial

iCan Systems Inc. is the creator of a suite of Smartsettle products powered by clever algorithms that help parties resolve negotiations in a more peaceful, collaborative and intelligent way. iCan is working with the Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council (NmTC) to introduce NmTC Member Nations to Smartsettle with iCan’s entry level ONE in real-life cases in a trial sponsored by Innovative Solutions Canada. The project is providing free negotiation support in indigenous related cases until July 2021.

Smartsettle ONE is optimized for negotiations that can be easily reduced to a single numerical issue. The algorithms promote collaboration and help parties dramatically reduce the time to resolution. This was demonstrated in one of the trial cases that was set to proceed as illustrated below.

After Smartsettle ONE resolved the case in a fraction of the anticipated time, one of the parties had this to say:

“An employee with our First Nation was [terminated]. The dismissal was disputed to Labour Canada by the employee and remained unresolved for eight months. A mediator was involved in the case for 4 months. It was expected, based on experience with similar disputes, that the process would continue for another six months to two years for a resolution to be reached. Using Smartsettle ONE, the proposed $20,000 case was settled in about 90 minutes, to the satisfaction of all parties.”

The intervention of ONE is depicted by the following graphic. The 90 minutes referred to corresponds to the VBB segment:

Clearly all the time that would have been spent without the intervention was saved. But you can also imagine that some of the time already spent could also have been avoided. If you wish to take a closer look at Smartsettle ONE and experience first-hand how this works, please visit You can practice against the robot negotiator before using the system to resolve your own negotiation. For more information about Smartsettle please contact us at


About Naut’ sa mawt Tribal Council: NmTC is a non-profit society, incorporated in 1983, that supports its Member Nations in realizing their efforts towards self-reliance, self-governance, connection to culture, and quality of life- now and for future generations. NmTC offers services in five core delivery areas that include: economic development, financial management, community planning, technical services, and governance. About iCan Systems Inc.: iCan is the maker of Smartsettle, the world’s only secure eNegotiation system using patented optimization algorithms to achieve fair and efficient solutions that are truly Beyond Win-Win®. iCan invented the negotiation support system-neutral site that elicits and manages preferences for any number of parties with conflicting objectives on any number of issues and generates potential agreements based on party preferences.


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