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re-START Tournament with ONE

A tournament sporting a hypothetical negotiation between Russia and the USA using Smartsettle ONE to reduce nuclear arms was debuted at ODR Cyberweek 2022.

This event has officially ended, but you can join the next one.

Follow the same instructions listed below.

Participation takes one or two hours at your own convenience. Watch in real-time as your score rises when you learn to collaborate!

DISCLAIMER: THIS EXERCISE IS NOT MEANT TO REPRESENT A REAL-LIFE APPLICATION. The intent is to give learners a hands-on experience that teaches the power of collaboration using Smartsettle ONE, while also thinking about an important real-life current issue inspired by UN disarmament Week. In this hypothetical scenario, Ukraine and Russia have come to a tentative agreement on ending the war in Ukraine using Smartsettle Infinity. The results are recorded here. However, their agreement is contingent on improving the START treaty by the USA and Russia both agreeing to reduce the treaty caps, restrictions and limits by a certain percentage by 2030. Russia says that they should reduce their arms by 90% but the USA isn't very interested. The USA says maybe 10%. Both countries have agreed to negotiate the reduction using Smartsettle ONE. They have also accepted that the UN will appoint Expert Neutrals for the END in case of an impasse. The issue is "reduction of nuclear arms by 2030". Both countries will reduce their nuclear arms by the agreed percentage before the deadline, with verification of progress every two months. China has already agreed to comply with the same reduction.


  • Enroll now at the eNegotiation Exhibition

  • Join the free tournament event

  • Complete three learning modules

    • learn the basics about Smartsettle, mostly how Smartsettle ONE works, but also some general introduction to Infinity*

  • Choose "Negotiate with the Robot" (on the left side menu) if more practice is desired

  • Choose "Negotiate with Humans" (on the left side menu)

    • To start, click "Play as Russia" or "Play as USA"

    • If no one else is online, wait for another human or invite a friend to be your opponent

    • While waiting for your opponent you may start another negotiation

  • Play in each role (Russia and USA) at least two times to get on the scoreboard

    • Remember that collaboration is the best strategy

  • Come back as often as you like to play against others and improve your score

  • Participate in the debrief announced in the modules

* Smartsettle ONE is designed for the simplest possible negotiations (one numerical issue between two parties). It's also an excellent introduction to the concepts that are implemented in Smartsettle Infinity for complex problems.


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