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Czech Courts debut Smartsettle ONE

May 9, 2022

The Czech Ministry of Justice just announced today that they will provide free access to a sandbox version of Smartsettle ONE for non-binding negotiation of disputes about monetary issues. The Ministry of Justice has created an info portal to inform the Czech public about online courts and provide access to negotiate monetary disputes using Smartsettle ONE.

=== English version of the Czech press release of May 9, 2022 ===

Do you want to learn how online courts work abroad and what they might look like in the Czech Republic?

Do you want to learn practical information about how online courts work abroad and what, in the opinion of representatives of the judiciary and other fields, could look like in the Czech Republic? Are you interested in the opinions of the professional and lay public on topics related to online courts? Do you want to test pilot demonstrations of the first applications from the Czech Republic and abroad related to online courts?

A useful source of information for you can be the new information portal, which is available from today at:

This information portal was created and will be maintained within the research project carried out by leading domestic universities, Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology, as well as the leading domestic law firm PRK Partners. The professional guarantors of the project are the Ministry of Justice and the Municipal Court in Prague.

Among other things, you can now try out free online negotiations on non-binding pilots on this portal, which can be quantified. You can also take part in a public survey on the preparation of online justice in our country or use a simple information guide on current ways of resolving consumer disputes.

Last but not least, you will find records of round tables organized on various aspects of the preparation of online courts with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Justice, judges, lawyers, NGOs and experts from various fields within the research project.

The fourth roundtable took place today, May 9, 2022, on the topic of the state of digitalization of justice in the Czech Republic today; no / conceptual approach and current issues; already agreed future steps; local specifics compared to other developed countries (if any); approaches to technical solutions; systems interconnection. Jiří Grygar, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Court in Prague, Robert Němec, Chairman of ČAK, Elena Ransdorfová, Director of the Informatics Department of the Ministry of Justice, Daniela Ratajová, Judge of the District Court for Prague 2, discussed.



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