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Smartsettle ONE on Display

Smartsettle ONE is on display as an entry level system for formal negotiations that can be easily reduced to a single issue between two parties. Insurance claim settlement negotiations or small claims about money are ideal candidates for ONE. This revolutionary cloud-based negotiation system utilizes advanced algorithms to gently and intelligently turn an adversarial process into a collaborative, successful experience.

Settling for Better

Scholars in judicial research around the world have written much on the typical adversarial process of justice through the courts. Backlogs of cases all too frequently lead to protracted delays for disputants, costly legal fees, and further headaches over already tense situations. Ever since the advent of the Internet experts have recognized that this would produce opportunities to resolve issues better and more quickly.

A Paradigm Change

The evidence that people—and even the courts—are ready for change is evident all over the world as decision makers clamor for better solutions. Locally here in BC, a new online Civil Resolution Tribunal has already handled some 14,000 disputes, where lawyers are typically not involved. Overseas, the European Commission has formally mandated alternative dispute resolution methods using information and communications technologies (ICT) or online dispute resolution (ODR). In its first year, 24,000 consumer complaints were handled by the system. In North America and in Europe, the tides are changing and new technologies are already tackling court backlogs and other consumer dispute channels.

The Difference

Most existing information and communication technologies for negotiation and dispute resolution simply take offline negotiation processes and try to mimic them online. Features such as email, chat and video conferencing replace ordinary meetings, court hearings, and general face-to-face interactions. Smartsettle’s revolutionary process is re-designed from the ground up to produce a much more efficient, intelligent and satisfying collaborative negotiation experience.

Smartsettle Algorithms

Smartsettle ONE represents an automated negotiation system using intelligent algorithms to guide parties to agreement more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively than possible by any other means. The new system incentivizes resolution and provides a fail-safe way to ensure cases complete in a timely fashion. Proprietary technology provides a process that is enjoyable, fair, and beyond win-win.

Automation and Scalability

Neither offline processes like court systems, nor online versions of offline processes like standard ODR can provide the automation or scalability of Smartsettle ONE. The automation built into ONE minimizes the need for human intervention. ONE can be quickly delivered as a uniquely configured white-label offering with the look and feel of your organization or plugged into your existing dispute resolution system like a widget that accesses the Smartsettle’s powerful neutral site via API. Various options are available to suit your particular needs.

Try ONE now or contact us today for more details.


Civil Resolution Tribunal: Visit site.

European Commission—”Regulation on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes”: Read the mandate.

European Commission—”Report… on the functioning of the European Online Dispute Resolution platform”: Read the report.


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